Touchstone Pictures

Strange Magic

N/A 2015 99m

Need for Speed

HD 2014 130m

Delivery Man

HD 2013 105m

The Wind Rises

N/A 2013 126m

People Like Us

N/A 2012 114m

War Horse

N/A 2011 146m

Real Steel

HD 2011 127m

Fright Night

N/A 2011 106m

The Help

N/A 2011 146m

The Tempest

HD 2010 110m

You Again

N/A 2010 105m

Step Up 3D

HD 2010 107m

The Last Song

N/A 2010 107m

When in Rome

HD 2010 91m


HD 2009 89m

The Proposal

HD 2009 108m

Swing Vote

N/A 2008 120m

Wild Hogs

HD 2007 100m


HD 2006 139m

Déjà Vu

N/A 2006 126m

The Prestige

HD 2006 130m

The Guardian

N/A 2006 139m

Step Up

HD 2006 104m

Stick It

HD 2006 105m